About Grit

Grit Trade Co. is a music and Americana-inspired jewelry collection. Each piece is handcrafted in small batches using 3D Printing, lost wax casting and recycled sterling silver. 

scrap silver

This collection is fully designed, created, photographed and fulfilled by me, Leah, out of my home studio in Nashville, TN. 

investment casting 

My background in jewelry design is about ten years in the making.
I started with fabrication and easily moved into teaching silversmithing, where I learned the most about myself and my craft.

During the pandemic, I really dug my heels in and taught myself how to 3d design, print & the lost wax casting method. I love making this little collection but I really enjoy wax carving and stone setting.

Email me if you'd like to chat about a unique custom engagement ring.

You can find me on Instagram @grittradeco or TikTok / Facebook. Links below.
Thank you for following along on my adornment journey.